photos of flower perennials in pots, blackeyed susans, russian sage, and perennials in shade greenhouse

Container Perennials

We generally grow almost all of our container perennials in gallon (or larger) sized pots - depending on the variety. Years of experience have shown us that in order to keep our plants looking as healthy in August as they do in June, the larger pot sizes are really beneficial.

Judging from the feedback that we receive from our customers, most of you like the way these plants, with their strong and vigorous root systems, transplant and adapt to your gardens.

We carry quite a wide variety of perennial plants and flowers for sale ranging from full sun to full shade perennials, ground covers, grasses, hostas, a multitude of daylilies, and so much more.

The following is a list of our 2006 Perennials.
Please note that not everything on this list is available at all times. Some items won't be ready until later in the season, while other items may sell out and cannot be replaced until next season.

The following is still the listing for 2005
The listing for 2006 will be similar, with more new plants.

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