photo of a rose


We're looking forward to next year and all the new varieties that are supposed to come in. We're also carrying a greatly expanded selection of Own-root roses in 2006.

With the introduction of hardier and more disease resistant roses, these long blooming plants are becoming more popular each year.

We are continuing to expand our offerings of Modern Shrub Roses, easy care Landscape varieties, Classic Hybrid Teas, Fragrant Floribundas, with some of the nicest English (David Austin) and Canadian (Parkland and Explorer Series) cultivars available.

Carefree Sunshine is another of the newest roses that always seems to be in short supply. Last year we place orders for over 300, but only received 10 - which disappeared pretty quickly. This year we have a better stock on hand, but still expect them to sell fast, especially since this rose is so popular with many professional landscapers.

We hope we have enough to cover the demand in 2006, but we suggest that if you're hoping to add this variety to your garden this year, it's a good idea to pick up your plants before the end of June.

Please note that any rose listed with "or" after the name indicates that this variety is grown on its own roots.

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